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Club Log

Info provided by John, KC0DEB

For the members that were not able to attend the last KCDXC meeting January 30th, here is a short recap of the Club Log Presentation that was shown to the
attending members by John KC0DEB.

"Club Log is a web-based application that analyses log files from radio amateurs all over the world. Using the logs, Club Log offers you a wide range of reports for your own benefit, and identifies large scale trends
from the sum of all activity in the database."

When you upload your log(s), Club Log will thoroughly analyze them, and
create several reports for you.
Club Log: "If you participate in Club Log by uploading your log you will

*       Personal DXCC reports and league tables
*       Detailed analysis of your log, using researched DXCC information
*       Zone charts for your log, again based on detailed research
*       A personal timeline of your activity (DXCCs per year, band and mode
*       Your own log search tool, eg. to link from your web page or QRZ
*       A filtered DX Cluster which only tells you about DX you still 'need'
*       A say in the Club Log most wanted report: your log is part of the
trend data
*       Access to propagation and activity predictions, using everyone's
*       QSL suggestions to help you send out just the cards you need
*       Satisfaction from taking part in and improving a free DXing

If you are a registered member of Club Log , you already know about all the
different reports and interesting information it can generate from your
uploaded logs.
If you are unfamiliar with Club Log, and would like to know more, please
visit the website at : http://www.clublog.org/about.php

Besides the many different reports and tools, there is one thing I would
like to highlight: "The Club League Tables".
"One of the most interesting ways to use Club Log is to join your club(s),
so that you can participate in your own leagues against friends."
In other words, you can join the KCDX Club on Clublog, and see where we
stand as a Club against other Clubs, or how you stack up against fellow KCDX
Club members.  To be able to do that , we need a minimum of 15 KCDXC members
to become registered ClubLog users.
Instructions on how to join and participate in the KCDX Club League :

*       Go to the Club Log website at:         Http://www.clublog.org

*       Log in, or if you are a new user, create an account.

*       When logged on, select  "Settings"  at the top of the page.

*       In your main account setting screen, select the  "Clubs"  tab ( in
the blue bar )

*       Scroll down the list of Clubs to "KCDX - Kansas City Dx Club"

*       Click on it once, and press  "Join Club(s)"     That is all you need
to do.

An approval request will be automatically emailed to the membership managers
; K0RU Rob & KC0DEB John;  for approval.
Once this is done, you are participating in the Club Log Club League as a
Kansas City DX Club member.
 ( The approval process is necessary to make sure only KCDXC members are
signing up)