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Email Reflector

The KCDXC Internet e-mail reflector is an online communication tool for club members.

Meeting reminders and club information, as well as DXing and contest information, are sent via this reflector. Almost all of the club members with an e-mail address subscribe to the reflector. It is a great way to communicate with the membership between club meetings. Non-members are also welcome to subscribe.

Enter your email address below and press the button.



Here is how to subscribe/unsubscribe to the original KCDXC reflector (for viewing archives):

1. Go to   http://mailman.qth.net/
2. Choose ‘Directory of e-mail list’ tab
3. Find KCDXC
4. Follow instructions from “Subscribing to KCDXC” section

Subscribing to a list is simple and includes safeguards to prevent abuse of the list.

In the subscription section type your email address and then select a password. The password will be used later when you want to change your personal settings.

When you fill out the subscription form you also have the option of receiving mail from the list batched in a digest. This is convenient if you are a member of a number of lists or if the list you are joining has a lot of traffic. If you change your mind you will be able to change the digest option at a later time. See Setting Your Options.

After you fill in the subscription form press the subscribe button to
add yourself to the list.

Your addition to the list is not immediate. After you submit the form Mailman will send an email message to the address you used to subscribe. The message that you receive will ask you to confirm your subscription request (this is to prevent someone from maliciously adding you to mail lists that you do not want to join).

When you receive the confirmation request just follow the instructions -- the simplest thing being just to hit the reply button in your mail program. If you send the message back without altering the subject line (the 'Re: " added by your mailer is okay) then your
confirmation will be accepted.

After sucessfully confirming your subscription Mailman will send you a
welcome note.

The note will include:

The URL that takes you directly to the list's information page
The URL that takes you directly to your personal settings page
Your password
An email address to contact to get help with the email interface to the list

Please keep this message in a safe place. You will need the information that it contains if you ever want to modify your personal settings or remove yourself from the list. For most lists this information will be mailed to you in a monthly reminder, but just to be safe you should always keep the original.

You can subscribe to lists, unsubscribe from lists, and manage your Mailman list options via email. To do this, you need to know the name of the list.

Then use the forms
<name of list>-join@mailman.qth.net or
<name of list>-subscribe@mailman.qth.net
to subscribe or
<name of list>-leave@mailman.qth.net or
<name of list>-unsubscribe@mailman.qth.net to unsubscribe.
For example, the corresponding addresses for the demonstration list would be