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July 23, 2018
Kansas City DX Club Meeting Minutes
Carmack Community Room, Central Resource Library
Overland Park, KS
The July meeting of the Kansas City DX Club was called to order by President Russ Woirhaye, K0VXU at 6:00 pm CDT (July 23, 2018 - 2300UTC).
Agenda -

Introductions -
We introduced ourselves. No guests were present.
DXing and Contesting
DXing for August
Based on NG3K website: http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/adxo.html
Highlights reported were 4S7DMG, Sri Lanka, MJ/SP7VC, Jersey and TX5T, Austral Island.
Contesting for August
            Based on WA7BNM website: http://www.hornucopia.com/contestcal/
The Kansas QSO Party August 25 and 26 is probably the one of most interest to us. Charlie, K0THN, mentioned that the Honeywell ARC will again be conducting a special event at the Hollenberg Pony Express Station near Hanover, KS on August 26. This is in Washington county.
Drew Vanoda-Smith, K3PA, briefly discussed his participation in the World Radiosport Team Championship, WRTC, contest held in Germany. A Lithuanian team won with a German team coming in second. Drew and his team finished 59 out of 63 teams but he was pleased with their showing as this was their first time in the event. He said that ten meter short skip into Europe was awesome. He is really psyched to participate again in the next WRTC to be held in Italy in 2022.
Russ reported that Ward Silver, N0AX, has accepted an invitation to come and talk to us at an upcoming meeting about the history of the WRTC.

Russ, K0VXU, presented a talk on the Wullenweber Arrays used for radio direction finding of various targets of military interest primarily during the cold war using HF radio frequencies. He first became aware of these when stationed in Okinawa. The arrays consisted of several support poles arranged in a large circle which became known as an “Elephant Cage” and had a large equipment building near the circle to operate from. They were designed by the Germans in the 1930s and the latest implementations were constructed in the 1960s. They had a practical range of about 3200 to 5000 miles. They could track ships, planes and even satellites if they were using HF radio to an accuracy of about a one degree angle. Most of the sites in the world have now been dismantled. One array in Augsburg Germany is still in operation. Russ gave us a Google Earth tour of several of the locations showing whatever remained of the installations. Some were no longer visible at all.

Stay tuned for later announcements for the August meeting.
Russ announced that the Christmas party in December will be held at RC’s restaurant in Martin City, MO this year.
If you need a ride or you know of someone who needs a ride to our meetings let Russ know. We would like to make sure everyone who wishes to attend can do so.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm.
Charles Hett KCDX Club Secretary


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