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Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2015
Kansas City DX Club Meeting Minutes
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - Kansas City - Overland Park, KS
The September 28, 2015 meeting of the Kansas City DX Club was called to order by President Jeff Blaine, AC0 C, at 6:39 pm (2339 September 28, 2015 UTC).
It was announced that Mike, KD0FW, had passed the Extra Class license exam. Congratulations Mike. In honor of this milestone, Stephanie, KD0DSU, baked a decadent cake for us all to partake of. Thank you, Stephanie.
Agenda -

Introductions -
As customary, we all introduced ourselves to the group. Mike, KD0FW, stated that he has retired from the battery business so he is no longer “The Battery Man”. An end of an era.
Guests introduced were Jim Cordill, KI0BK, who donated a Low Loss Power Gate – thanks Jim, John Outland, K3FP, from Alabama, and John Wilson, K0IP, who has attended several times lately.
News -
DXpeditions coming up – TX3X, Chesterfield, VK9WA, Willis Island, S79SP, Seychelles were especially noted.
Contests are many with perhaps the most significant one coming up is the CQWWDX SSB Oct. 24, 25.
Business -  W0AR status reports were given. The unlimited guys were up in the 250 entities range – pretty good performance considering the band conditions this year.
Near the end of the meeting, Drew, K3PA, moved, Dennis, KS0DX, seconded that we have a club Christmas party again to be held at Jeff’s, AC0C, house. Jeff agreed to do this and the motion carried. Date is TBD.

Text Box: Gary, W0MNA and Martha, W0ERIPresentation –Gary Auchard, W0MNA, Arduino – Doing Much More With A Lot Less
Gary began by briefly explaining the history of the Arduino small computer development system. It began in Italy and Arduino means “Strong Friend” in Italian. The system is now released as open source and extension of it’s capabilities is encouraged.
Small modules that are stacked onto the processor board are called “shields”. The Arduino board and the plentiful shields are very inexpensive for the most part. Many are available at Micro Center here in Overland Park.
Gary says that learning how to interface the system is fairly easy to learn.
The Arduino hardware is based on the ATmega 328 microcontroller. Analog and digital I/O is available. He showed us several shield examples. Several displays were shown and he cautioned to be sure what you are getting when buying displays.
For more horsepower you can get the UNO based on the Chipkit UNO32.
Programs for the system are called “sketches” and are written in C++. He showed us a book titled “Beginning C For Arduino” by PHD. Jack Purdum. It is available online at http://www.dsc.ufcg.edu.br/~rangel/Beginning%20C%20For%20Arduino%20(2012).pdf. Beware this book is about 260 pages long if you want to print it.
Gary recommended Nuts and Volts magazine for good articles on Arduino projects.
He showed us several examples of projects he has built. His usual fine workmanship was on display.
A couple of books on the Arduino were recommended:

  1. ARRL - Arduino for Ham Radio by Glen Popiel, KW5GP (yes there were some comments about fishing gear – ask someone of you don’t get it)
  2. McGraw Hill – Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio.

Thirty-six members and guests signed the attendance sheet.
The September club meeting will be October 26, 2015 at 6:30 pm CDT.
Charles Hett, K0THN, KCDX Club Secretary

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