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Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2014
Kansas City DX Club Meeting Minutes
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - Kansas City - Overland Park, KS
The February 24, 2014 meeting was called to order by President Jeff, ACVC, at 6:37 pm (0037 February 25, 2014 UTC).
Presentation by Clay, N0WWI, WWI Centennial Museum activity and WW1USA Special Event
The following visitors were recognized:
David, KB0VJC
Van, K0HCV
Pete, NS0D
Get ready for Dayton coming in May. There are still two rooms at the Crowne Plaza Hotel available for KCDXC members.
Dues of $20 are due. An easy way to pay is via paypal as indicated on the club website: http://www.kcdxclub.com/.
Several contests and dxpeditions are coming up in the next month. Be ready. (I didn’t list them here because the information is perishable and readily available elsewhere – Secy.)
Jeff reported that sadly Jeri, K0RPH, XYL of N0SS has become a silent key.
The first week of the ARRL Centennial W1AW/0 Special Event in Kansas starts at 0000z 26 February, 2014. There will be a second round this fall.

Clay Wilson, N0WWI, WWI Memorial Plans
Clay first described briefly the history of the Liberty Memorial and World War I Museum. The Liberty Memorial was dedicated in 1921 and publicly dedicated in 1926 to honor all who served in WWI on all sides in all countries. The memorial was restored and became part of the greatly expanded WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial in 2006.  The museum has approximately 5000 artifacts on display at any one time. Approximately 500,000 visitors including 10,000 students visit each year.
A World War I Centennial Planning commission was formed to plan the WWI centennial and they included an amateur radio special event in the plans. There will be several operations during each of the next four years with four events scheduled for 2014.  They are:
June 28-29 the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
August 2-3 the declaration of war
September 6-7 Battle of the Marne
December 27-28 Christmas Truce
Amateur Radio Station WW1USA will be operating during these times. Hosts, Operators and Loggers are required for these operations and volunteers are being sought. It is expected that at least two HF stations will be operating and hopefully at least one other special station such as satellite will be operating.
Here are some websites to check out:
www.qrz.com (then enter ww1usa)
Charlie K0THN moved, Bill, K0VBU, seconded that the Kansas City DX Club participate in at least one of the operations with Bob, W0AO, coordinating. Motion carried with no nays noted.
Other Announcements
Mike, KD0FW, reported that he was awarded the 1000th ARRL Triple Play WAS Award. This was in the form of a plaque – very cool.  Congratulations, Mike. (The picture is a sample.)
The meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm.
Charles Hett, KCDX Club Secretary

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